Golf carts OK in Lake Ozark:

But there are strict

rules to be followed

Golf carts are allowed in the City of Lake Ozark but with some restrictions.

The board of aldermen changed the rules in November 2019 to allow golf carts on some city streets. A committee was formed to study the issue after several requests were made to the city for limited operation of golf carts.

According to the ordinance, a golf cart is a motor vehicle that has four wheels in contact with the ground powered by gas or electric. Specifically excluded from the definition are ATVs, UTVs, 4-wheelers, mules and gators.


Here are the rules:

•Golf carts can only be operated on city streets posted with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less. Carts may not be operated on Bagnell Dam Blvd. (except during special events, Welsh Road from W Road to Bluebird Road; Lighthouse Road from W. Road to Mockingbird Road and Lakeland Road.
•Golf carts cannot be operated on a state highway except to cross at an intersection where the speed limit is less than 45 miles per hour.

•Golf carts cannot be operated at more than 20 miles per hour.

•Golf carts cannot have a combination of drive and passenger(s) than is rated by the manufacturer.

•Drivers of golf carts must have a valid driver’s license from the state of residence.

•Golf carts must follow all other pertinent ordinances and state traffic laws.

•Golf carts operated on public streets are required to have a seat belt or approved safety harness for any passengers under 12 years of age.

•Golf carts must be operated with headlights and taillights from one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunset. All such vehicles must be equipped with headlights and taillights.

•Golf carts must display a florescent flag or slow-moving vehicle safety triangle, and a rearview mirror that allows the driver to see vehicles directly behind or to either side.

•Before a golf cart is operated on a public road, the owner must have the golf cart inspected by the Lake Ozark Police Department and pay a one-time $30 registration fee and display the registration permit on the cart.

•A violation of the ordinance is punishable by penalties in the Lake Ozark Municipal Code.