Keeping your water safe to drink

We turn on the faucet, water comes out. We turn the handle for our morning wake-me-up shower, water comes out.

We certainly take our water for granted, but there are City of Lake Ozark employees who watch over our water supply to make sure it’s there when we need it and to make sure it’s safe to drink.

Lake Ozark residents are served by two water towers – one on the North Shore and one near Jiffy Stop on the south side of town. Both hold about a half million gallons of water and are served by the Lower Gasconade Aquifer a thousand feet below ground. Three wells continually pull water from the aquifer to provide a constant supply to about 1,050 water customers.

To make sure Lake Ozark water meets Department of Natural Resources standards, Utilities Foreman Nate Boggs takes water samples from two or three of the 14 sample locations from the city’s water mains, and rotates the location of the samples month to month. It’s a tedious process so the samples don’t become contaminated before they are taken to Lake Ozark Environmental and then the DNR. LO Environmental tests the samples and then sends a report to the state.

Tests are to determine if coliform is present in the water. If so, additional tests are performed. Boggs noted that since the city’s water is pulled directly from the aquifer there is little opportunity for contamination.

Boggs is state certified to conduct the tests and takes continuation education courses annually.

Nate Boggs, Utility Superintendent, (right) takes water samples monthly to make sure the city's water is safe to drink.