Lake Race postponed

Festival of Speed slated on The Strip

as part of the festivities to be rescheduled

The Lake Race, scheduled for Saturday, May 30, has been postponed to an undetermined later date due to concerns over containing COVID-19.

The Lake Race events were actually scheduled to begin May 28 with a meet and greet on The Strip in Lake Ozark, culminating with the international race at the 7-Mile Mark near Camden on the Lake and Shady Gators. The Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen April 28 approved a Special Event Permit for the Festival of Speed to be held in Lake Ozark.

In a letter from the Lake Race Board of Directors, the team announced that they will be postponing the event until a later date in the racing season.

The letter reads as follows:

“As we all, individually and collectively, navigate through our daily lives in turbulent times, it is good to think about goals and the priorities we have established in the past. With that said, the mission of Lake Race, since its inception, has been to ‘bring additional exposure and recognition to the boating, recreational and entertainment opportunities that Lake of the Ozarks has to offer while increasing tourism and community involvement.’ Our mission this year is particularly important to the lake community.

“In an effort to protect the integrity of the event and out sponsors, and with the continued concerns for the safety, of race fans, team, our volunteers, and our community, Lake Race Board of Directors has chosen to postpone the event to a date alter in the race season. This difficult decision was made with the great attention to the health and welfare of all who are involved to make Lake Race a world class Powerboat racing event.

“We look forward to working with our host hotel, Camden on the Lake, government officials and OPA/P1 to reschedule Lake Race during a more certain time. Then, once again, we will bring the nation’s attention to our beautiful lake area in a positive way. Please refer to and our Facebook page in the coming days for further attendance information and guidelines.

2020 marks the 8th year of the Lake Race event.

‘As much as we want it to be, now is just not the right time,’ says Tom Abbett, President of the Lake Race Board. ‘Racers by definition are risk takers and daredevils and they know the calculated risks of strapping into a race boat. With the COVID-19 pandemic touching every aspect of like right now, there are just too many unknowns and variables that we do not have control over. We feel we must make the decision that is in the best interest of the community, the racers and the spectators. It is a very tough decision and one that had been made with much consternation. We look forward to working with the OPA, our host facility Camden on the Lake and the State, County and city governments involved to reschedule this event to a more certain and proper date.”