Major water line project completed

A long-term program to upgrade the city of Lake Ozark’s water system has been completed.

Utility Department crews made the final connection from an aging, leaking 6-inch water line to a 10-inch line along Bagnell Dam Blvd. that caps a 13-year effort. The Arrowhead Beach Subdivision was the last area of the city to be hooked up. 

Crews spent a couple of days Feb. 3-4 near the now-vacant Tomahawk Motel on Bagnell Dam Blvd. closing out the original  6-inch line and switching the subdivision to the 10-inch line. 

Water service to Arrowhead Beach was suspended for a few hours as the switchover took place. Residents were notified by phone before the water was shut off. After the final connection was made, a nearby fire hydrant was opened for about 30 minutes to flush out the line before water service was restored.

The city’s growth over the last decade and a need to improve water flow for fire suppression precipitated the decision in the early 2000s to expand the water capability of the city. City officials have suspected that the old line has leaked for several years.

The project was completed in phases as funds were available. The first phase was from the water tower to the roadside park near city hall; the second section was from the park to Wood’s Supermarket to accommodate that development; the third was from Wood’s to near School of the Osage Heritage for that redevelopment project; and the final phase was from near Henderson Road to the bottom of Bagnell Dam Blvd.

Public Works Director Matt Michalik said the 10-inch line increases volume to not only Arrowhead Beach Subdivision but the entire city and allows for additional growth within the city. He said the final project included replacing a flush hydrant at the end of the line and installation of an isolation valve.

Lake Ozark Utility Department workers recently finished the last connection to the city's 10-inch water main as the most recent blast of winter weather swept through the area. The hole, near the vacant Tomahawk Motel, will be filled and covered with asphalt when fair weather returns