Employees take advantage of good weather

The lake area has once again enjoyed a mild winter and that has allowed city of Lake Ozark employees to tackle some projects that otherwise might have been put off until spring.

One of those projects is a continuation of wrapping up work associated with city’s 10-inch water line. The final subdivision connection was completed at Arrowhead Beach Club in early February. Now, Public Works crews have begun severing three water line interconnects between the abandoned 6-inch main and the new main. The first was across the street from City Hall. 

The warmer weather also has allowed the city’s utility line locate person to mark water and sewer lines in advance of projects.

The unique terrain we have at the Lake of the Ozarks can cause some drainage challenges. An intersection in Beacon Point on the North Shore has a tendency to flood during heavy rains, so city crews plan to excavate the ditch to allow for better water flow into a drainage tube under the street. One of the first steps in this type of project is to locate city water and sewer lines. 

Lee Hunter (in yellow safety vest) and Justin Marks search for the buried water line. 

Myron Cotton (above) of the Water Department is the city’s utility individual and here marks the water line so his fellow employees know where not to dig when they re-trench the ditch.